Aahana Mission

“Jaatasya hi dhruvo mrityuh dhruvam janma mritasya cha | tasmaadaparihaarye arthe na tvam shochitumarhasi ||” 

[ Meaning:- Death is certain of that which is born. Birth is certain of that which is dead. Therefore, you should not lament over the inevitable.]

Who We Are

A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words. When friends become family,our life becomes beautiful and meaningful. In memory of our friend, Umm E Salma, who unfortunately passed away in an accident, we have started Aahana mission-7894. The name of the Trust i,e. Aahana mission-7894 explains how Salma was, and the meaning is as follows-

Aahana :- It is a sanskrit word with various meanings and few of them are “first rays of sun”, “somebody so sweet and too charming like rose”,” somebody who cannot be destroyed” The name actually means “ANGEL” as it’s dedicated to Umm E Salma.

Mission :- It means a small tribute from us to achieve the dreams of our friend.

7894 :- It is the date of birth of Umm E Salma 7th August 1994.


Umm E Salma was from Vellore, Tamil Nadu. She had a friend by name Steve who succumbed to cancer at a young age. In his memories, Salma along with her friends, started donating books to poor students and all the funds were collected from friends.

As a tribute to her good thoughts and deeds and in her memory, we decided to continue her dreams and fulfill them.

karmanyevaadhikaaraste maa phaleshu kadaachana | maa karmaphalaheturbhuu maatesangotsvakarmani ||”

[ meaning:- A person has the right towards action alone and not towards the fruit of action. Let not the fruit of action be the motive for acting. Also, Let there not be any attachment to inaction.]



  • To establish, maintain and run schools, colleges, social service centers, industrial training center.
  • To establish cultural and social institutions.
  • To promote education and learning in all branches.
  • To advance Indian culture and literature, service of this country for the benefit of our nation.
  • To train teachers and workers in ideals and practice of the true spirit of education and learning.
  • To establish research and training centers for the furtherance of education/learning in its various fields and branches.
  • To undertake propaganda, training and education of masses either of its own or in co-operation with similar agencies working for the cause of all round development of the society.
  • To bring, publish and sell, distribute books, periodicals, leaflets, brochures and papers and also to open and maintain libraries, reading rooms for the promotion of the objects of the Trust.
  • To function as a Non-communal trust and as a secular organisation.
  • To establish centres for employment generation.
  • To acquire and maintain the movable and immovable properties for achieving said objects.
  • To advance any atherosclerosis objects of general public utility.
  • To confer title on eminent personality in the field of science, education, literature etc
  • To establish the colleges to impart education in the area of higher education especially the emerging fields like electronics, bio-technology and other allied fields.


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The main vision of Aahana mission 7894 is to help the students and giving scholarships to the students for the higher studies, to take part in environmental activities to make the world a better place.


Account name: m/s Aahana Mission 7894
Account number: 143101011007154
Bank: Vijaya Bank
Branch: Varthur
IFSC code: VIJB0001431
MICR code: 560029081